AFUMEX – A Safer Choice


Afumex is our range of halogen free flame retardant cables primarily used to protect lives in the case of flame and fire. A secondary (but no less important) use for Afumex is for installation conditions where the standard PVC/TPS cable may come into direct contact with aromatic polymers (e.g. styrene, Styrofoam and polyurethane).

Afumex in flame and fire

Gone is the black poisonous smoke, as is the corroding substances that ruin electronics and machines. Remaining is the flexible properties that make the cable so easy to install.

Non-suitable and non-fire rated cables can often be the means of propagation of a fire from one room to another and the majority of deaths in a fire are due to inhaling dangerous and poisonous gases – oftentimes from ill-suited cable. Another cause of death is often the dark smoke obstructing vision and evacuation.

Afumex is the result of the continuous activity of research and development of the Prysmian Group which focused on reducing potential hazards during fire by developing materials that:

  • Limit single flame and fire propagation
  • Produce less smoke
  • Release less heat
  • Release less acid & corrosive effluents

Therefore providing more time for escape and a less hazardous environment for rescue teams.

Afumex is in conformity with the standards IEC 60332-3and EN 50266, relative to the propagation of the fire; in line with the principles of the European norms for the safeguard of atmosphere (ISO 14000).

Afumex and plasticizer migration: 

Prysmian recommends the Afumex range in installation situations where a non-migratory plasticizer is needed as these cables have insulation and sheaths that do no contain PVC (plasticizers) and therefore do not exhibit the associated migration issues.

Certain groups of plasticizers used in the PVC compounds of traditional PVC/TPS cable are soluble in aromatic polymers and petroleum based products. When PVC compounds come in contact with:

  • Styrene
  • Styrofoam
  • Polyurethan
  • Bituminized papers

Compounds may demonstrate plasticizer migration. Migration can result in:

  • The loss of physical and electrical protection afforded by the insulation and sheath components of the cables, leading to potentially dangerous situations
  • Degradation of the material which the cable is in contact with

The breakdown effect of migration is mainly long term, but can be exacerbated by the size of the surface contact area and elevated temperatures such as found in roof sheeting.

Afumex cables are LSOH types complying with AS/NZS 4507 classification RHE-1.

In order to meet different standards and preconditions we always tailor-make the cables in this area. Please contact our experts to specify your requirements.