Compact Multi-function Joint (CMJ)

Compact Multi-function Joints (CMJ) are for jointing of optical fibre cables up to 144 fibres. Our new range of joints is designed to integrate state of the art features into very cost effective products. These optical fibre cable jointers not only save you money, but are also designed to eliminate heat shrink thus no need for a heat source in the field during installation. Using Mechanical Seals to terminate the cables lowers OH&S risks and negates risk of fires.

CMJ Features

  • Compact dome closure joint for up to 144 fibres.
  • Mechanical cable sealing for circular port entries, Single and Multi way.
  • Oval port entry can use both heat shrink and mechanical entry system.
  • Up to 4 splitters can be accommodated in the Routing Area, can also be pre-installed.
  • 12 SE (single element) trays or 24 SC (single circuit) Double Stack trays.
  • Splice trays hinge for easy access.
  • Integral fibre routing system. No need for tubes.
  • Oval port allows installation of small continuous cable loops.
  • World-class sealing to above IP68 rating.
  • Suitable for underground or aerial installation.
  • Range of accessories available.

Outside plant optical fibre enclosures for underground and aerial applications. Up to 144 splices, suitable for optical cable connection, branching and mid-span.