The internal Flexibox is a wall box designed for termination and distribution of street lead in cables to internal customer drop cables in an MDU.  The box can accommodate up to 96 or 192 fibres and has 8 cable entry ports that can accept up to 24 cables.  The box has been designed for easy access to the splice trays, tube storage area and cable entries, making it a very user friendly wall box.  The internal wall mount locations and key lockable cover provide secure splice point.  Mechanical gland kits and the removal cover enable fast and reliable installation every time.

Flexibox Features:

  • Can accommodate 96 or 192 splices
  • 8 trays of 12 or 24 splices per tray.
  • 6 x M20 glands fit can be installed in the bottom of the box and 2 x M20 glands in the top.
  • Each gland can accommodate 1, 2 or 3 cables depending on the cable size.
  • Suitable for CSM and aramid cable anchoring
  • The box is internally wall mounted
  • Cover includes a key lock for security.
  • Dual layer tube loop storage area for excess tube storage
  • Cover hinges at the top to allow multiple boxes to be placed next to each other without compromising space.
  • Lid is removed to permit easy access to all areas within the box.
  • Product dimensions: 345 (h) x 272 (w) x 105 (d) mm


For internal use in buildings such as an MDU.  Intended to manage the connection of street lead in cables to multiple internal customer cables.