jPrysmian’s MassLink™ range presents the next stage in ribbon fibre optic cable development. By using an advanced FlexRibbon™ technology, Prysmian provides an ultra-compact, lightweight outside plant cables that contains up to 6912 bend insensitive fibres, with an overall diameter small enough to fit into a 50 mm duct.

FlexRibbon™ in MassLink™ combine the benefits of ribbon mass fusion splicing with smaller diameters offered by stranded fibre cables.  This brings together the best of both worlds.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact Design
    • High fibre-density enables more fibre per duct.
  • CAPEX Saving
    • Smaller cables reduce civil cost.
    • Lighter cable reduces transport cost and enhances hauling speed.
    • Mass fusion splicing reduces splice time.
    • Completely dry, gel free cable cuts down cable preparation time.
  • Flexible Ribbon Matrix
    • Compatible with conventional ribbon splicing equipment.
    • Backward compatible with standard rigid ribbon, individual fibre and other flexible ribbon splicing.
    • Extremely flexible ribbons can be laid flat for ribbon splicing which saves time and splicing cost.
  • Better Handling
    • No preferential bend of the ribbons enables the splice tray to be reduced by up to 40%
    • The ease of handling can reduce the installation time on the splice tray by 80%


  • Interconnection of Datacentres and Exchanges
  • High capacity Metro Trunk Links
  • Within Datacentres


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