The communication cable OptiC@t™5e is a combo of a four pair Cat 5E and two bend-insensitive fibres. Not only will it’s capability for super high-speed make the building attractive to future owners, the Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheath makes the building much safer, too. Plus, the cables insensitivity to bending makes it a lot easier and less expensive to install. Copper and optic fibre links the present to the future and gives you the better of two worlds.

High speed internet will soon be available to most businesses and homes with the government initiative to roll out a national fibre network. OptiC@t™5e, our composite multi-purpose communication cable allows you to to “future proof” your next project.

OptiC@t™5e includes BendBrightXS™, the latest in bend-insensitive fibre optic cable technology from Prysmian. These optical fibres are specially manufactured using the patented EPVC (Enhanced Plasma Vapour Deposition) process and complies with the ITU-T G.657.A2 standard. This market leading technology makes BendBrightXS™ virtually insensitive both to micro and macro bending, making it perfect for installation in compact and tight installation areas.

OptiC@t™5e can be installed in:
• New housing estates,
• Major home renovations,
• Commercial fit outs of old buildings,
• New commercial building installs,
• New or old refits of residential units


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