Prysmian offers an extensive range of optical pigtails. All pigtails are fully qualified to Telcordia GR326 and IEC61300 and all materials used are RoHS compliant.

Size and length of standard pigtails are listed below.

Pigtails can also be supplied in a variety of lengths, colours and different connector types for other applications and products. A part number builder is also given below to provide codes for other pigtail configurations.

Features and Benefits

  • Full traceability and test certification supplied with each assembly.
  • Ultra polish (UPC) supplied as standard and Angle polish (APC) also available. Pigtails are un-tuned. Tuned pigtails are available on request.
  • G.657.A1 as standard
  • Qualified to Telcordia GR326 and IEC 61300 standards and RoHS compliant materials.
  • Can be supplied with many different connector types such as FC, SC, ST, E2000, LC, DIN and others on request.
  • Available in single-mode (G.652.D, G.657.A1/A2/B2/B3) and multi-mode (OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4 and OM4 plus).
  • Standard length supplied is 2 metres.
  • 900 micron pigtails are supplied in sets of 12 colours as standard.
  • Standard cable diameter is 900 micron with easy strip buffering.
  • Ruggedised pigtails can also be supplied in 1.6mm, 2mm and 3mm. Contact Prysmian for further information.
  • The fibres and the buffer are both coloured to ensure ease of identification when stripped.
  • All connectors are supplied with ceramic ferrules.

Prysmian offers standard pigtails with 2m length and 900um in diameter. The part numbers are for a set of 12 colours as described below.

Single-Mode Pigtails

Code Description
PIG-002-D-B-09-S-S 12 x SCAPC 2m G657A1 0.9mm
PIG-002-C-B-09-S-S 12 x SCUPC 2m G657A1 0.9mm
PIG-002-J-B-09-S-S 12 x LCAPC 2m G657A1 0.9mm
PIG-002-H-B-09-S-S 12 x LCUPC 2m G657A1 0.9mm


Multi-Mode Pigtails

Code Description
PIG-002-C-F-09-S-S 12 x SCUPC 2m OM3 0.9mm
PIG-002-C-G-09-S-S 12 x SCUPC 2m OM4 0.9mm
PIG-002-H-F-09-S-S 12 x LCUPC 2m OM3 0.9mm
PIG-002-H-G-09-S-S 12 x LCUPC 2m OM4 0.9mm


Other configurations are available upon request.  Please contact Prysmian to discuss your requirements.