A dead serious mistake

Being green is not just a matter of colour.

The safety of an installation should be paramount for any cable manufacturer and/or installer. According to the Australian wiring rules (AS/NZS 3000:2007) green sheaths on cables are not permitted in installation wiring. It’s extremely important to stick to the identification colours we’ve all agreed upon in domestic and commercial applications.

The Australian wiring rules (AS/NZS 3000:2007), in its Section 3. Selection and Installation of wiring systems, indicate the following:

3.8.1 General Installation wiring conductors shall be clearly identified to indicate their intended function as active, neutral, earthing or equipotential bonding conductors.

Where identification is achieved using the colour of the conductor insulation, the colours specified in Table 3.4 shall be used. Conductors with green, yellow or green/yellow combination coloured insulation or sheathing shall not be used as active or neutral conductors in installation wiring.

If you have recently purchased or installed green sheathed cables for installation wiring it is imperative that you contact your supplier for guidance on remedial action to the installation.

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