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Our New Flat Xtra™ Cables – Pure Magic 

Introducing our new Flat Xtra™ cable range!

Available in 4mm2 and 6mm2 , the new range allows you to cover up to 70% longer runs and save up to 3% in cable costs* even before factoring in the labour cost-savings you will get from laying down one cable instead of two – all thanks to having a cable with the same size earth.

Benefits of laying down only one cable are savings in:

  • Time: There is no longer a need to lay down a second earth wire to comply with the fault loop impedance requirements. Furthermore, the electrician will only need to terminate one size of cable – meaning termination is quicker with the Flat Xtra™.
  • Money: Only one cable is needed
  • Wastage: When using the Flat Xtra™, all of the cable will be used. No more earth wire wastage!
  • Tooling: The electrician will only need tools to terminate one cable size

Maximum run length by conductor size:

For circuit breakers the mean tripping currents are as follows:

Type B    4 times rated current
Type C 7.5 times rated current
Type D 12.5 times rated current

Fuses based on AS/NZS 60269.1 also known as BS 88 type fuses

Table based on AS/NZS 3000

Nominal phase voltage 230V

For nominal phase voltage of not 230V, the maximum length may be determined by multiplying by a factor of U0/230

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*Conditions apply