Allen Webb – Machine Operator

The success of a company is determined by the hard work and dedication its employees – and Prysmian is no exception to this. Each employee we have within in our company is integral in helping the company is to achieve its goals. A few weeks ago, we commended the commitment and hard work of Allen Webb, who this year celebrated 47 years of contribution to our company. On Monday 23 July, we opened a new meeting room on level one of the Admin Building in his name – the ‘Allen Webb Room’.

Allen is a local to Liverpool, who started as a Machine Operator when the site was still operated by CableMakers Australia (CMA). Over the years, Allen has remained in Factory 1, working on a few different machines and helping to produce tonnes and tonnes of specialised cables. Subarmani, who has worked with Allen since 2000, explained that working with Allen has always been a pleasure, “I’ve always found him to be a good, decent bloke. He was a very good mentor for me when I started, and is always willing to help if I’m unsure about something…”

Our employees are diverse, which is one of the best things about Prysmian. The different personalities, backgrounds, experience and cultures brought by each of us shapes this company. Shift Supervisor, Craig Welbourn shared that Allen’s quiet and modest personality has contributed to his good work ethic, “Allen is a great work colleague to have around, and is always happy to help whenever needed. He is a quiet guy who is quite happy to just come in and do his job.”

This is only the second time we have opened a meeting room in the name of an employee of Prysmian Australia. During the unveiling, Allen expressed his thanks to Prysmian and his co-workers for the gesture, “It’s been good working here. Thank you for naming this meeting room after me…”

We express our gratitude to Allen for his 47 years’ service, it is truly remarkable and sincerely appreciated – We wish him all the best in his retirement.