Prysmian joins the Australian Cable Initiative


Prysmian is a proud founding member of ACA and excited to support the Australian Cable Initiative.

Australian Cablemakers Association

The Australian Cablemakers Association (ACA) represents small, medium and large cable manufacturers from across Australia. ACA works closely with Statutory Authorities to ensure products offered for sale are thoroughly tested, safe and compliant. The ACA is committed to improving cable standards wherever possible and actively supports the various Standards Working Groups. Furthermore, ACA members are fully committed to the highest level of environmental performance. This entails a dedicated environmental focus during cable design, manufacture, use and end-of-life.

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Australian Cable Initiative

The ACI has two main purposes:

  • Advocate for improved safety standards relating to electrical cables sold in Australia
  • Operate an independent surveillance programme where cables are taken from the market and tested for safety and compliance to the relevant Australian Standards thus granting purchasers of ACI members’ cable a higher level of compliance assurance

The ACI is run as a separate not for profit entity with its own Board but is associated with the Australian Cablemakers Association (ACA).  The Organisation has several Members who are engaged in the manufacture and/or sale of electrical cables in Australia and who have signed up to, and agreed to abide by, the ACI Constitution and Charter.  Membership of the ACI is open to any manufacturer who sells electrical cable into the Australian market.  Membership is also open to resellers who sell cable in the Australian market and who have a direct link with the cable manufacturer in order that they may satisfy their obligations under the ACI Charter.

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