Liverpool Hospital Says Prysmian Australia Are Saints For Supporting The Fight Against Covid-19


Around the world, health care resources are continually being stretched by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Here in Australia, we are no different, hospitals all over the nation are constantly running out of precious PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to support and make safe our front-line health care workers.

Working closely with the nursing staff and management at Liverpool Hospital, Prysmian was able to support this great health care effort, by donating three hundred Tyvek overalls, to be worn by Doctors and Nurses while in care and treatment of Covid-19 cases, right here in our local community of Liverpool.

Prysmian joins together with the community to help and support those doctors and nurses on the front line of Covid-19, because “We are Prysmian Group – We Care”.

Let’s continue to support and praise the efforts of our health care workers in this crucial time and make the world a better place once again!