Bring it on! Our UV resistant cables won’t crack up in the Australian sun.

Not even Australian sunlight can beat a Prysmian cable. Our UV resistant PVC will do its job!

It has always been a customer concern as to how a PVC sheathed cable would perform under the tough Australian sunlight. A non-UV resistant cable will lose its sheath integrity from prolonged UV exposure displaying severe discolouration, cracking, brittleness and other damaging effects. Traditional methods of UV stabilization for cable jackets have included the use of carbon black (specific to black sheaths only), or heavy metal based colourants which are suspected of being carcinogenic.

Prysmian’s carefully selected organic colour master-batches in combination with our proven PVC compounds, form the solution to UV stabilisation issues in cables for outdoor applications. Performance, with respect to UV, has been proven through internationally recognised accelerated UV testing, utilising internationally recognised test facilities.

The tests included extended exposure to UV followed by inspection and comprehensive mechanical properties testing to confirm the integrity of cable components.

So when we offer you UV resistant PVC cables, you can rest assured that they will perform.

Australian made? Yes, of course!

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