We make your job easier

A state of the art cable should not only live up to regulations and standards. It should also be easy to handle. Cables that you easily can pull, strip, install, transport and keep in order save both time and money. Sometimes they can even reduce work-related injuries! When we develop products and service solutions, such qualities are always part of our agenda. On this page we’ll gather all innovations and improvements that we do in order to make your everyday work a little bit easier to handle.

#1 Double metre marks
We’re always paying attention to our customers and their needs. So to welcome the new year we have now made sure that all our cables have Double metre marks, one at each side of the cutting point.


#2 Blue Air-Con cables
Many of you have asked for simplified circuit identification. So to fight off what could be the hottest summer on record we are making 1.5 mm2 and 2.5 mm2 blue sheathed 3 Core + Earth flats. Convenient for you to use on single and 3-phase installations, such as air conditioning and reverse cycle units.


#3 Red core location
To make things even easier for you, we’ve taken away the text confirming the location of the red core on our ActivEdge™ twin and earth flat cables. Instead we’ve replaced it with a simple red line. There is still no need for nicking or stripping, which will save you on installation – and money. This is just one of many features and services we offer to make your job easier.

ActivEdge™ – flyer

#4 Two functions in one
A real mate is someone to rely on when times are tough. So is our new compact CableMate®. Only 80 cm high when folded, but strong as few when you need a helping hand with a 500 metre reel of flats or orange circulars. Not only does it save your back – it also makes your everyday work more simple, comfortable and installations faster. What more can you ask from a real workmate?