A new and superior FTTP fibre solution on tap

January to April 2018, saw the first ever combined installation of Prysmian’s outdoor RetractaNetxs and indoor VertiCasaxs systems in Australia. DGTek has utilised the integration of these two solutions, to ensure they can achieve FTTP at a fraction of the cost estimated by their competitors. 

Providing service to 2000 premises in Melbourne, DGTek required a cost-effective solution. “We have utilised both systems, to significantly reduce the overall cost of FTTP deployment, when compared to conventional methods” said David Klizhov, DGtek company’s Director. Traditionally, once a fibre is connected for a service, the remaining fibre in the cable is unused. The Prysmian retractable solution, however, has maximised fibre efficiency, by reusing the remaining fibre in the cable. It achieves this feeding a signal from both ends of the cable. 

As the RetractaNetxs cable does not require splicing at the customer pit, quicker installation is enabled and labour costs are reduced. RetractaNetxs offers significant savings on labour and materials, and can significantly reduce the overall cost of the outside plant network deployment when compared to traditional P2P network solutions. Solutions such as RetractaNetxs and VertiCasaxs, are both fully integrated connectivity and cable systems, and thanks to the retractable technology they are able to connect customers in a fast,easy and extremely cost effective way.