Press Release: Need for Dark Fibre? Prysmian is the clear choice

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, has partnered with Aussie Broadband in their new Dark Fibre network built.

Aussie Broadband, one of Australia’s leading internet providers, has commenced building their own fibre network using Prysmian 720F FlexTube cable.

FlexTube cutting edge technology offers extremely small and flexible cables, compact and light weight, that allow faster installation when compared to standard loose tube cables. FlexTube is a highly cost-effective fibre cable solution when building high fibre count links.

“Prysmian 720F FlexTube cable allow us to significantly increase our duct utilisation, which is a major benefit in terms of installation and ongoing costs per fibre. Using a 720F cable also enables Aussie Broadband to future proof our network,” said Phil Britt, Managing Director at Aussie Broadband. “We are also proud to partner with a local optical fibre manufacturer. Fibre is at the core of our network and working with Prysmian meant that we are able to meet our deadlines without disruptions. These difficult times have demonstrated that local supply can have its advantages.”

The project will see an initial 20 km of optical fibre being installed in Melbourne and to be completed by July 2020.

“We are very excited to work with a major local internet provider like Aussie Broadband. Manufacturing the FlexTube cables in Sydney, using Australian workforce, enables us to quickly satisfy Aussie Broadband demands and the need of fast and guaranteed supply of cables” Continues Hama Shroff, CEO at Prysmian Australia.

The FlexTube cable design is a faster, reliable and cost-effective solution, the perfect choice for a carrier like Aussie Broadband.

Since its introduction, over 40 countries have benefitted from the capabilities of FlexTube technology with broad adoption across Europe as well as in Africa and Latin America.