Prysmian as a one stop shop: a complete solution for a great network

Torus has been building a new 130+km fibre infrastructure for Springfield City Group and Polaris DC in Brisbane, selecting Prysmian as partner of choice for cable and external fibre joints.

The project commenced in 2018, when Torus planned to supply a fast, reliable and diverse network that could last for many years to come. Prysmian Flextube’s technology was the ideal option for the carrier. Prysmian managed to manufacture and supply the 130+km of 720F FlexTube cable in Blue nylon colour for the civil section and pink colour to run in a third-party network. “The main difference of FlexTube versus standard loose tube cables is its innovative micromodule design that allowed us faster and easier installation while increasing our duct capacity thanks to its small OD and high-density fibres” says Matt Van Hecke, Director at Torus.

The revolutionary benefits of the FlexTube cables that Prysmian manufactures in its local plant in Sydney since 2014 have been praised by Torus which was able to combine the advantages of the cables with a unique and versatile Prysmian solution.

David Trad, Business and System Manager at SCG said that “Having Torus and Prysmian as partners in this project allowed us to build a fully diverse and pathway resilient fibre network for our customers, connecting Polaris DC to Brisbane and many other interconnect points on its journey, including other Data Centres”.

“Prysmian is at the forefront of fibre and cable technology; however, our job is to understand the needs and requirements of our customers and meet them with a portfolio of products and solutions that evolves constantly to reflect the changes in the market we operate” says James Rando, Technical Sales Manager at Prysmian.

50 joints and panels were selected by Torus to complement their cable network. These products are designed and developed at Prysmian’s large Connectivity centre in the UK and stocked locally in Australia.

Prysmian Large Multifunctional Joint, (LMJ), offers a simple and cost-effective way to terminate external optical fibre cable in the network. The use of mechanical seals in lieu of heat shrinkable seals also reduces time of installation and increases the consistency of the results when terminating the cables. The LMJ supplied by Prysmian was a customised version for Torus and Springfield City Group with different colour trays that helped to easily identify each customer operating through the network. Both Springfield City Group and Torus wanted a complete differentiator from other networks given theirs is carrier natural. “It helps to maintain a much cleaner system for both of us and our customers alike especially our longer-term customers” continues Mr Trad.

Thus, the use of small, flexible and high fibre count cables in conjunction with the modular enclosures and panels was a perfect fit, offering a complete end to end solution delivered by one manufacturer.

“Our installers love the solution that these joints offer, easy cable management and the possibility to prepare and terminate the cable securely in the van. Once prepared, you just plug the mechanical gland into the enclosure with a simple click”, continue Matt Van Hecke.