Pavan Beesetty – Quality Manager for our energy business

Final Test, a branch of the Prysmian Quality Assurance (QA) department, is the last line of defence in ensuring we supply the highest quality cables in the industry. In order to manufacture reliable and safe products, we are required to adhere to various national and international standards. Our NATA accredited laboratory in Liverpool NSW, contains state of the art facilities which enable us to perform all necessary compliance tests. A part of this team is Pavan Beesetty – previously a Final Test Officer, 2018 saw Pavan take on a new role as the Quality Manager for our energy business.

At our Liverpool plant, we manufacture a variety of energy cables. This unique range of products adds complexity to the testing process, as different cables have different preparation and testing methods. “We just finished conducting Partial Discharge, HV Withstand and Conductor Resistance testing on an 11kV single core (according to AS1429.1). Whilst this testing only took around 30 minutes, testing a cable for specialised application such as an Airfield Lighting can take more than 24 hours.” Pavan explained.

Required to test more than 400 drums of cable a week, a large part of Pavan’s role includes streamlining processes to maximise their testing time. “We are working on continuous improvement projects to increase productivity, an example of this is liaising with the manufacturing and logistics departments to ensure the smooth movement of cable drums to the testing area before the start of shift at 6am. So, when the operators arrive testing can begin straight away.”

Pavan then went on to share that their role is integral in ensuring our customers receive the quality products they expect from Prysmian; “each day we coordinate with many different departments to ensure all necessary cables are tested and available to our customers on time… but whilst on time delivery is of high importance, the quality and reliability of our products should always take priority.”

A big thanks to Pavan and his 7 teammates in the Final Test team, their commitment and perseverance safeguards our claim to producing quality and safe energy cables – For Quality, Think Pink.