Power Transmission Cables

Power Transmission Cables

Reliable power grids – everywhere

The greater and ever increasing demand for power intensify the request for reliable, safe and easy managed power transmission cables capable of transferring power over longer and longer distances. With our focus on research and development, knowledge about Australian preconditions and the ability to manufacture power transmission cables locally, means you not only get the best cables for Australian conditions, you also get the best technical service on the market – before, during and after.

This total approach is the ultimate solution to provide power utilities with real advantages in terms of asset optimisation. Besides an increasing activity on product innovation to lower investment costs, we are developing additional pre and post sales services, for example network services, enhanced logistics and engineering studies. This way we can optimise asset management and give the best possible utilization of transmission and distribution networks.


Prysmian High Voltage Cable Systems Capabilities in Australia


In-House Services Locally

Prysmian Australia provides the following services in-house:

  • Cable system Design – Sizing and configuring for current rating, EMF, losses etc. Cable systems are defined locally with direction from centre of excellence within the HV business unit of the Prysmian group. This ensures local considerations are not overlooked while drawing heavily from the international experience of the wider group for best practice. Factors for special attention include environmental, cultural heritage and local occupational health and safety imperatives.
  • Cables and Accessories design optimisation – includes optimisation for low total cost of ownership, taking into consideration performance and environmental factors.
  • Supply of cables and accessories – System tested and prequalified in line with international standards and practice.
    • HV cable
    • HV joints and terminations
    • Link boxes
    • Complete DTS system for cable monitoring
    • Complete permanent PD monitoring systems
    • Fibre cable systems for communication, protection and control
  • Cable laying supervision – Includes pulling plan review and onsite consultancy to ensure cables are not damaged during installation
  • Installation of joints and terminations – Local and/or overseas jointing teams that are Prysmian trained, and certified are utilised. Our jointing teams have extensive experience and cover voltage levels up to 525kV
  • Commissioning testing – defining a feasible test plan for approval and performance of test utilising competent personnel. Prysmian’s PRY-CAM technology has been successfully used around the world and is fully supported locally


Partnership/Full Turnkey Scope

Prysmian in Australia have defined partnership arrangements to provide full turnkey solutions. The following key elements are included.

  • Installation design – on site surveys, trenching, cable system siting etc
  • All civil works including construction of trenches, joint bays +shelters
  • Cable pulling -Prysmian provides supervision of the process.