Navigating supply chain disruptions amid the COVID-19 virus

As a local manufacturer connected to the domestic and global network, Prysmian Australia has had to face various challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic saw severe impact to supply chains, forcing Prysmian to make rapid, informed decisions to mitigate risk to business and disruption to our customers. The pandemic drove significant additional costs as we provided ongoing services. This was also in addition to staff shortages putting undue pressure on manufacturing and shipping capacity; causing delays. Additionally, Prysmian Australia has shown resilience in their response to unprecedented flooding conditions in NSW. This involved the effective implementation of flood-mitigation strategies to ensure safe operations. Our local capabilities have helped us to navigate through controllable elements and appropriately respond to uncontrollable elements, whilst also ensuring a safe workplace.
Throughout all of these challenges, Prysmian Australia has remained committed to providing quality, customised and cut-to-length cable solutions for the domestic and global market. We have managed to recover from these challenges and have significant levels of medium-voltage stock for all energy needs.