Our D@tacomms Roadshow, a success

The roadshow was driven by our highly experienced and skilled team of experts who the last months have held 56 sessions in five cities (Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane) with the aim to present the latest technologies and trends within Telecom. During these sessions almost 300 people attended representing wholesalers, utility, contractors and government bodies.

Main focus was the latest developments in regards to how we have managed to decrease the diameter of optical fibres. We also presented a couple of projects in which our technical experts have been working side by side with customers to invent tailor made solutions for specific needs.

We also took the opportunity to talk about and present cables and solutions, such as:

  • Arm@core – not just rodent resistant, but rodent proof
  • FlexTube – our extremely small, no-kink fibre cable

And as examples of our future focus to offer complete solutions, rather than just cables, we demonstrated:

  • VertiCasa – our solutions for bringing fibre to every floor of a building
  • RetractaNet – a drop solution which fits any type of network
  • Pizza Box solutions – our new approach to cable installation and termination
  • Joints for OF cables – newly designed by us to make your installation even easier

We want to thank everyone who attended, and for those of you who couldn’t come this time we are more than happy to book a meeting. As the biggest local manufacturer covering a full range of power and telecom cables and solutions we are always here for you.