Press Release: The largest Australian made FlexTube cable to replace network in Canberra Light Rail’s path

With an existing network of fibre optic cabling set to become collateral damage during construction works on Canberra’s Stage One Light Rail project, an Australian manufacturing plant has stepped up to create an entirely new, cabling solution – the largest ever to be manufactured in Australia – that will significantly improve the network’s current capacity to provide secure communications between Canberra’s federal government departments.

Sydney cabling manufacturer Prysmian Australia CEO Frederick Persson said government body ICON, which manages the more than 1,000 km government network of fibre optic cables, was looking for a faster, reliable and more cost-effective solution to replace the current assortment of standard, loose tube and various density cabling that stretches along the 12km Stage One Light Rail path.

“Since the launch of the Flextube® line in Dee Why, the plant has significantly improved the manufacturing and capabilities processes enabling us in Australia to produce a 1248F cable. The Flextube® technology is the product of choice of many carriers customer in Australia: a lighter, more flexible cable with an innovative micromodule design that’s faster and easier to install, increases duct capacity, reduces civil costs, is immune to kinking, gives easier access to fibres because you can remove the module material with no tools, and has better thermal stability,” Mr Persson said.

“ICON’s needs were quite unique, so rather than use various sizes grouped together, Prysmian has custom-made a Flextube® offering with the perfect fibre count for ICON, 1248F, which will also be the largest cable product ever manufactured in Australia,” the ICON team commented.

“Because we’re a local company, based in Dee Why near Sydney, we could react quickly to the unique needs of ICON, design and custom-make a prototype using local research and development for Australia-specific conditions, and take it to the manufacturing stage in a really short time, all with the support of Australian workers.” Continues Persson.

“Prysmian is also supplying 62 Large Multi-function cable Joints (LMJ) – the enclosures that hold the devices that connect, splice and terminate various fiber optic cables – so we’ll be offering fully certified training for contractors involved in the project.

“When compared with other options on the market, the LMJ was the perfect fit for the project requirements: a high capacity enclosure (up to 4032 splices) modular and that is easy to use” continue Persson “Prysmian have been able to devise a comprehensive and unique solution that was perfect for the project requirements.”