Aussie made

Only the best for True Blue Aussies.

We’ve been producing tailor-made cables in Australia since 1944, and will continue to do so. Our team consisting of highly skilled and experienced staff know what it takes to make cables that withstand everything, from termites to hazardous mine sites. Just fair dinkum cables, mate.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that we are part of a global company. To us local presence here in Australia means everything.

It matters to us if a cable can handle fire in a housing estate in Perth, or if miners at a colliery in Queensland can be assured the exit signs will operate during an emergency.

Aussies in general can rest assured the power cables will provide us the electricity we need without interruptions. It’s about taking responsibility and only offering the best cables possible for Australian conditions.

That is why we continue to have two large plants in Australia; one in Liverpool for power cables and one in Dee Why for optical and copper cables. In addition we take advantage of having the support of a global actor and all the financial and intellectual capabilities it gives in terms of experience, innovation, research and development.

That way we can tailor-make cables to fit your specific needs. And if we don’t have the cables you need – we have the facilities and expertise to invent them.