Working to live instead of living to work

Prysmian’s strength is built on the spirit of people who want to give the best of their professional skills to the success of the business. We do believe that having a balanced work and personal life is possible and are committed to creating the right environment to sustain this belief. We value the significance of diversity and uniqueness among people, thus we are prepared to set opportunities as part of the Side by Side Project, one stone at a time.

Flexible work arrangements

Finding alternatives to maintain the work output without affecting its quality and without putting more stress on employees working in an office environment.

Welcome Back Mum!

A support programme designed to help with the financial stress women experience when returning to work after maternity leave.

Parents’ Room

A private and quiet space where breastfeeding women can maintain connection while away from their children.

Relax Dad!

A support program designed to provide some relief at home when men return to work after paternity leave.

50/50 recruitment guideline

Finding an equal number of candidates for both genders during the recruitment process.

Counselling & family support services

Connecting with the right people during difficult family and personal times.